Access to Education, Livelihood, Food, Government benefits and healthcare for disadvantaged sections in remote rural areas. Our motto: "Nobody can do everything, everybody can do something"


Al Marwa Khidmat-e-Khalq

Our target beneficiaries are from the remote and disadvantaged areas of rural Karnataka

We believe that NGOs plays an integral part in a democratic society, enhancing social integration, social dialogue and participatory democracy. Currently, we provide medical, social and psychological services as well as, integration activities, care and nursing, material and financial support, educational and information services and training, in the healthcare space.




Mr. Syed Khizer Hussaini


Mr. Syed Khizer Hussaini, President Although he is accountable to the board, when it comes to the day-to-day running of the NGO, the president bears the ultimate responsibility. The president is involved in strategic planning, Fundraising, and acts as the liaison between the board and the organizations' staff members. He is also responsible for submitting plans and budgets for board approval and often presides over board meetings.


Mr. Syed Rafiullah Hussaaini


Mr. Syed Rafiullah Hussaini, Secretary The secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and meeting legal requirements, such as annual filing deadlines.



Mr. Mohammed Naseruddin

Mr. Mohammed Naseruddin, Operation Manager As the operations manager, he is responsible for identifying the resources necessary to achieve the organizations’ goals. He liaisons with the donors, individuals and organisations and ensures that resources are directed where they are most needed in the organization, to ongoing programs.


Mr. Zaker Ali

Mr. Zaker Ali, We rely on volunteers. As the events manager, he organises the logistics of all events. He also develops policies, objectives and measures of performance for volunteers as well as for employees. He is responsible for performance evaluations


Mr. Abdul Hameed

Mr. Abdul Hameed, Team Member Handles communications, including conferences, workshop, leaflet, press releases,– or broader methods such as media and the website, with the objective of getting specific messages to particular audiences.


Mr. Mohammed Muzaffar

Mr. Mohammed Muzaffar, Team Member Interns and volunteers also get involved with NGOs from time to time. They can be considered as personnel for the organization though in many cases they work without any payment.


Mr. Syed Naser Hussain

Mr. Syed Naser Hussain, Team Member


Mr. Abdul Waheed

Mr. Abdul Waheed, Medical Incharge


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Account Number: 33618778259

Bank: State Bank of India

Branch: Bidar

IFSC Code: SBIN0001972


Pansal Taleem Bidar- 585401


Pansal Taleem Subz Tazia Bidar- 585401